Since its founding in 1995, the JBBDDC has made great strides toward the physical and economic improvement of the Bellerose Business District. Through largely volunteer efforts, the JBBDDC has:

  • completed a study of market conditions and development recommendations for the Bellerose business district;
  • published a directory listing more than 200 businesses along Jamaica Avenue/Jericho Turnpike
  • raised funds to initiate a coordinated business district identity program
  • designed a business district logo
  • designed attractive promotional banners which are hung on lampposts along the commercial strip
  • created and installed a welcome sign at entrance point to the business district
  • secured over $400,000 in grants to install cast iron ornamental street lights
  •  worked with New York City Department of Transportation to improve commercial parking conditions within the business district
  • initiated a tree planting program along Jamaica Avenue/Jericho Turnpike through the Greenstreets program
  • hired a design/architectural consultant to develop a storefront improvement plan and facade and signage design guidelines

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