Marketing, Promotion & Communication — JBBDDC publishes a quarterly newsletter, with periodic updates, to keep you informed of what’s happening within the Bellerose business district and to let you know of programs and services that may be of value to your business. The JBBDDC also publishes a directory of Bellerose businesses that is distributed to the local residential community and throughout the greater Bellerose area.

Improved Access to Municipal Services — JBBDDC can help to cut the “red tape” with local and regional government by assisting you to resolve municipal service delivery issues or to obtain permits needed to operate an existing or new business—giving you more time to operate your business.

Business and Technical Assistance Services — JBBDDC offers a range of business support services aimed at reducing business operational costs and improving the delivery of municipal services. These include, cooperative advertising and marketing programs, and special workshops designed to improve your business and keep you informed of new government programs and services.

Facade Improvement Program — JBBDDC recently received funding from NYS to implement a facade and signage improvement program for the businesses within the Bellerose business district. This program will offer matching grants to Bellerose businesses to help offset the costs of facade and signage improvements. To participate, businesses must be willing to follow predetermined design guidelines. To see examples of the types of improvements that JBBDDC will consider and specific program guidelines.

Banner Program — In an effort to bring some identity to the Bellerose business district and identify it to the thousands of passing motorist, JBBDDC has developed decorative banners that are hung from streetlamps along Jericho Turnpike/Braddock Avenue.

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