Joint Bellerose Business District Development Corporation

The Joint Bellerose Business District Development Corporation was founded in 1995 as a voluntary association to improve the commercial center of Bellerose. Members of five local civic associations (Bellerose Commonwealth, Bellerose Terrace, Bellerose Village, Creedmore Civic, and Queens Colony Civic) constituted the first ever joint effort to work together to overcome geopolitical divisions and unite residents and business communities with a single goal; maintaining an attractive and viable shopping and business district. We welcome input from merchants and residents. We meet the first Tuesday of each month at Village Hall 50 Superior Rd. Bellerose Village,NY 11001. For more information about meetings, becoming a member or volunteering,  email us at info@ Bellerose or contact us at 718-343-8830.

Our goal is to unify Bellerose, invigorate existing businesses and attract new businesses and customers. “You can make a difference. shop Bellerose.”


To be most effective in revitalizing and strengthening Bellerose’s central business district, a unified and collective voice of local business owners, community leaders, and concerned citizens is needed. By becoming a member of the Joint Bellerose Business District Development Corporation you can lend your voice and gain input into the planning and redevelopment of Bellerose’s central business district that is currently underway and that will take shape over the coming months and years.

As a member of JBBDDC, we will be your business advocates locally and on a regional and statewide basis. Your concerns and needs will have greater impact as they will be backed by the combined voice of the many and varied businesses found in the Bellerose community. With your help we can better ensure the positive development of our community.

To become a member, please download the attached membercard and return it with your contribution to the address indicated.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about JBBDDC, please send us an email.

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